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    Laid-back Lettering, revisited

    A year ago this week I interviewed Mary Kate McDevitt, a letterer living in Brooklyn. Following-up, I noticed plenty of new work over on her site.

    You can clearly see her relaxed, informal style has really solidified in these examples together with a vintage colour palette, which I really like.

    If you missed the interview take a look here.

    Because heat is hot. 

    Fuck Off by Mary Kate McDevitt

    This is a response to an illustration I did in 2012 when I was living in Portland, OR where the summers are lovely and there is only 2 hot days all season. Now that I’m in NYC, I have a different take on the crazy hot and humid days.

    Download the desktop or iPhone wallpaper.

    Have a melty summer!

    Anonymous said: hi I am doing a project about you in an art class. We are meant to be doing a biographical artistic page but your page doesn't seem to tell us much about you. Could you give me more information ?

    If you would like to email me with specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Thanks!

    Meet the Vendor: Winter Cabin Collection


    Winter Cabin Collection came together in 2012 when the owners of Wanderlust in Portland, Oregon asked artists Mary Kate McDevitt and Fred DiMeglio to create a holiday window display for their shop, melding their distinct artistic styles. They loved the resulting designs and began to brainstorm a full line of products inspired by their collaboration. Over the next few months they designed, sketched, made a business plan and formed the limited-edition Winter Cabin Collection.


    What do you love most about your job?

    We love being independent and being able to work hard at a craft that we find very rewarding. The process of working together to bring ideas to fruition is endlessly exciting!

    What’s your favorite product you’ve ever created?

    Our favorite product is the “Hunker Down with Me” banner. We always say hunker down when we settle in for the night, and we love to watch our cat, Peppy, when she hunkers down for a good nap.

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    We are featured in the Etsy Wholesale blog today!