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    I created this hands-on workbook with Chronicle Books as a tool for designers and creatives looking to tap into the art of hand-drawn lettering. Dozens of practice sheets offer aspiring letterers plenty of space to learn and master a range of type treatments and flourishes. Over 100 custom illustrations are included for inspiration and reference. 

    The Hand-Lettering Ledger is available to purchase:
    Barnes & Noble • Amazon

    Anonymous said: This is (I know) a ridiculously cheeky question but I'm going to give it a shot. I was wondering if you designed your portfolio site and built it yourself? I ask because I am trying to create a site for myself and love that it is so simple and yet covers everything it needs to. I was also surprised that you do not have your own shop on your website and instead link to Etsy. This is a route I looked into but am worried that perhaps Etsy is too big these days for a new shop to really get noticed?

    I use square space for my site it is easy and looks great. I’ve been using etsy for a while now and still get a lot if traffic and sales from it. Ive thought about creating a shop ( through square space or big cartel) but for now I like using etsy. If I were to set up a shop now, I suppose I would probably set up my own not etsy. But it will be hard getting traffic starting out either way. With etsy it is a bit more possible for people to randomly stumble on your shop. You could always try out both to start and see what you prefer. Cheers! MK