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    Anonymous said: Hi Mary Kate, I am taking your Skill Share class and I was wondering if there is anything onwards from just final inking of the letters. What is your process when using Illustrator? What DPI do you scan in? Do you live trace the scanned in image and select different parts to paint? Thank you for the class by the way, very informative!

    I will have another class covering digitization, color and texture. It’s hard to fit it all in one class without overwhelming beginners.

    In the meantime… When I am ready to scan in a drawing, I scan it in around 600dpi, bring the tiff file into illustrator and live trace it. Don’t click the default option, the lettering option works quite well or play around in the settings. 

    I’m glad you are enjoying the class! I hope you join me in the next class where I will be offering more tips and tricks about the final steps of lettering. I don’t know when it will go up but I will announce it here and one twitter.

    Anonymous said: Hi, I am considering your class. I am, however, really, just a mom of 3, and a pharmacist the rest of the time. I'm nervous that's its more for artsy people with talent. I love wood type, and mess around with lettering on chalkboards for fun, and would like to learn how to do so in a more systematic fashion. Would you class be useful or way over my head? -mjm

    The class is geared towards beginners, and I slowly go through my process offering tips along the way. As long as you have an interest in lettering, I think you will find the class helpful and fun. There are lots of beginners signed up so you can post questions on the class feed, get feedback from other students and get plenty of support throughout the process. You can use this link for a good discount! Hope to see you there!